Cooking Classes

I offer cooking classes for all ages and skill levels (yes even the total novice!). All you need is a love for food and a desire to cook and I will guide you the rest of the way! All classes can be taught in person or online using zoom or another face to face online platform.

“No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.”
— Laurie Colwin –

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Kids Cooking Classes

Thyme in the Kitchen’s kids cookery classes are hands-on, fun and interactive. The aim of these classes is to get kids into the kitchen, having fun and building skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

I offer bespoke cooking classes for individuals, groups, and families of all ages and skill levels. My classes are designed to give children a good understanding of baking and cooking, in both sweet and savoury profiles. The recipes that I teach are ones that kids typically love and also ones that challenge them to try new things. I believe strongly in using whole foods and teaching kids to cook delicious food that they enjoy but also nourishes them.

Being a mom myself, I know the importance of keeping things simple and engaging and my recipes aim to minimise the use of too much equipment and avoids unnecessary clean up.

Thyme in the Kitchen does offer more advanced masterclasses for children, young adults, and teenagers who are already comfortable in the kitchen and want to learn more advanced skills and techniques.

Book a Kids Class

At the moment all classes are taught online. To book a bespoke cooking class please get in touch and I would be delighted to book something special for you and your little ones. Alternatively have a browse through my scheduled list of classes below.

I also cater for children’s birthday parties and cooking play dates.

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If you are interested in booking a class or have a query please send an email or use the contact page to send a message.

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Adult Cooking Classes

I offer a variety of options for adults and this is because I know that people want to learn to cook for many different reasons. I love teaching people how to cook so that they have fun in the kitchen as well as build incredible lasting life skills.

Single Session Classes (individual or group):

You can book a half-day (3hrs) session, which will allow you to learn to make 2, possibly 3 dishes. You can also book for 6 hours to learn between 3-5 dishes. These classes are bespoke and so additional hours can also be purchased.

6-8 Week Cooking Course – ‘Novice to Master’ Home Cook:

This is a great in-depth cooking class that will allow you to build your skills in the kitchen. So, whether you want to be cook more for yourself or confidently for family and friends – this course is perfect for you. We will design your course curriculum together from my vast repertoire of recipes. Each week we will focus on a specific protein or cuisine. The classes are a minimum of 3 hours but can be extended to up to 6 hours. Vegetarian and vegan options are available and this course can be tailored specifically to your dietary needs and requirements.

These classes will enable you to learn dishes that can be made quickly on a busy weeknight or for a more leisurely meal or event. The purpose of these classes is to teach you skills and techniques that you can use to make the recipes that I teach you and then transfer these skills to any future recipes that you want to make. But most of all this course will give you a sense of pride and confidence in the kitchen. Some examples of what you will learn in these sessions will include preparing sauces, and marinades, cooking with a variety of vegetables and proteins, preparing fish and meat, making desserts, etc. You will also improve your knife skills and become familiar with using different tools and equipment in the kitchen.

These classes are fully bespoke and throughout the course we will have checkpoints so that by the end of the course you will feel confident and satisfied that you have achieved your goals and objectives.

All classes are currently being taught online.

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If you are interested in booking or have a query please send an email or use the contact page to send a message. You can also buy a 6 week course as a gift by heading to the Shop page on my website.

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Social Group Cooking Classes

I offer a variety of social cooking classes for people who want a cooking dinner party experience – an event to share with friends. These can be hosted on zoom, in your home or venue of your choice. All social cooking classes are bespoke and we can design them to be whatever you want for your special evening with friends or family. This is a lovely way to bring people together for any event.

The classes can be as involved in the cooking as you want them to be- you can cook each part of the meal together or I can do a cooking demonstration whilst you mingle, eat some delicious food and enjoy each other’s company.
In person social cooking classes can be held in your home or an approved venue. We must be able to meet social distancing guidelines and government regulations so numbers will have to be capped to maintain this. I have relationships with various venues however in London that are allowed and have the space to have more than 6 just as long as social distancing is respected.

Host your own virtual ‘Come and Dine with me Night’.

Are there friends that you want to see but are not able to? Why not invite your friends to cook with you online whilst I guide you through a pre-designed menu of your choice. Recipes and ingredients will be sent to you and your guests in advance with wine/drink pairings and guests can join each other to cook and enjoy a meal together virtually.

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If you are interested in booking or have a query please send an email or use the contact page to send a message.

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Corporate Events

Thyme in the Kitchen also offers cooking classes and team building events for corporate events and businesses.

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If you are interested in booking or have a query please send an email or use the contact page to send a message.

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Private Catering

I am a qualified and classically trained chef and I offer small event and private catering.

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If you are interested in private catering for a special event, intimate dinner or cocktail party or children’s birthday party please send an email or use the contact page to send a message.

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  • “My daughter Bebe (3) loves Thyme in the Kitchen with Natasha. She keeps Bebe engaged for over 45 minutes! Bebe loves how interactive the classes are and seeing other kids cook alongside her. As a mom, I love the fact that most of the dishes only need one bowl and are not too messy or have too many ingredients. I highly recommend these classes for any age child who loves to cook!”

    - Maya and Bebe Fernandez, Mom and Daughter -
  • “I signed up for Natasha’s classes as a cooking novice hoping to feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. What goes with what? How can i make something good in 30 mins or so? She is an expert at demystifying the cooking experience. Her tips, recipes, and delivery are exactly what a novice needs in order to feel like they can cook a great meal for themselves and others without a huge lift. I highly recommend her classes.”

    - Anonymous -
  • “I always enjoy the class and the results taste so good! It’s a fun lesson- I always find myself laughing while I’m cooking. Natasha’s class is one of my favourite parts of my week!”

    - Maddy, Aged 9 -
  • “My teenagers took Natasha’s cooking classes and they really enjoyed it. And we enjoyed the final product! They found the class fun, very clear and easy to follow. They really liked that she was able to answer their questions easily!”

    - Anonymous -
  • “My daughter is always begging me to cook with her and thanks to Natasha’s classes she has made cooking with her easy. I was dubious at first as I am not a confident cook, but it was fun and simple to follow and I’ve discovered some easy recipes that I can incorporate into my repertoire.”

    - Helena Pastoriza- Tan, Mom -
  • “I’m the kind of dad who only cooks steaks on the BBQ. I’ve been interested to cook more but somehow never really got around to it. Natasha’s classes are fun and she has a really warm and welcoming style. Cooking with daughter on these classes has become our Sunday thing, and it always feels good to eat the results after!”

    - Anonymous -
  • “Thyme in the Kitchen is a great way to start the day off and as a child I hardly need any help from my parents! All of the dishes we made are great and my favourite ones were the oatmeal cookies and the hot cross scones. Yum!”

    - Sui, Aged 9 -