6 Week Novice to Master Cooking Experience


Do you want a cooking course or know someone that would love a course that is interactive, easy to follow and will take your/their home cooking skills to a whole new level.

This 6 week in depth course is a fun, personalised and great way to build your cooking skills. All classes are taught by myself, Natasha Shamji. I am passionate about teaching, home cooking and making home cooking accessible, and in this course I take the classical skills and techniques that I learnt in cooking school and I simplify them for the home kitchen.

With this course you will feel confident to cook a variety of dishes in different and interesting ways. Each class is bespoke and lasts between 2-3hrs. Classes can be online or in person in your home. (Please note that ingredients are not included in the cost of the course)

Ingredients are not included.

For more information on the 6 Week Novice to Master Cooking Course please get in touch.

Thyme in The Kitchen | Cooking Classes



“I signed up for Natasha’s 6 week cooking class as a complete beginner, hoping to feel more confident and comfortable in the Kitchen. What ingredients go with what? How can I make something good that I am proud to serve with ease and without too much labour and time.
She is an expert at demystifying the cooking experience. Her tips, recipes and delivery are exactly what a novice to cooking needs in order to feel like they can cook a great meal for themselves and others without a huge lift. i highly recommend her classes.” Hussain, Thyme in the Kitchen Student